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At MPCNotify, we’re dedicated to helping those in the Mail and Parcel industry. Just a few of our features include:

  • Email and text message notifications to your boxholders upon receipt of packages AND regular mail;
  • Comprehensive package-logging to simplify your recordkeeping and help ensure regulatory compliance;
  • Our exclusive MPC Partners program, which affords the opportunity to add new profit centers to your store - no extra work required, and we even handle the advertising!
  • A mailboxholder login system enabling your customers to check not only whether you’ve slotted mail for the day, but whether they’ve received any mail or parcels;
  • A clean, user-friendly interface that eschews flashy graphics in favor of usability and speed.
  • A Store2Store system that allows an MPC to send a package to ANOTHER MPC. The industry's first FREE searchable Alternate Delivery Location database! (Watch the video demo!)
Features P.O. Pickup PakLog MyDigitalDoorman MPCNotify
Price: $149 + $12.50/mo
5 mailboxes.
+ upgrade charges.
100 mailboxes.
Starting at $9.95/mo
Automated Notifications for every boxholder receiving packages AND regular USPS mail (without the need to log every single envelope): Yes No No Yes
Fully web-based (no specialized hardware required, no software to install, the full system is available anywhere you have an internet connection). No No Yes Yes
MPC Partners program (affords the opportunity to add new profit centers to your store - no extra work required, and we even handle the advertising!). No No No Yes
Mailbox holder log-in area that tells your customer not only if you've slotted mail for the day, but whether or not they’ve received any. Also shows all accountable packages they’ve received, with tracking number. Parcels remain in their list for two months or until customer clears them. No No No Yes
Customizable Notifications: No No Yes Yes
Multiple ways to view/search all packages your store is holding or has delivered (by customer name, mailbox number, carrier, tracking number, date range etc. Makes reports a snap.) No Yes No Yes
Send automatic 'Rent Due' reminders to your mailbox holders. Your mailbox holders will automatically recieve email or text message reminders when it's time to pay their mailbox rent! No No No Yes
Option to send notifications by either logging a parcel OR simply selecting all mailbox holders to notify and clicking "Notify All". The choice is yours - log the package and notify the customer, OR just notify the customer. No No No Yes
All SMS provider email gateways already coded into the system. Simply choose customer's cell provider from a menu. (no need to hunt down obscure SMS email gateways for every cell provider you wish to use). Yes No No Yes
Ability to have your customers login to their MPCNotify page FROM YOUR WEBSITE, NOT the domain. (ensuring they see your latest marketing messages). No No No Yes
Display a "Mail Slotted Today" indication on YOUR WEBSITE, (not the domain). (encouraging your customers to visit your store’s website). No No No Yes
"Import Customers" Tool Yes Yes Yes Yes

All comparison data was believed to be true and accurate at time comparison made. MPCNotify assumes no responsibility for changes made after comparison date. MPCNotify will, from time to time, recompare products and make changes as warranted.